The wonderful Women’s Choir “Bloesem” (Argentina) Will Premiere “Abend wird es wieder” (SSAA)

What a lovely Instagram post of the women’s choir BLOESEM ENSAMBLE , Buenos Aires, Argentina:

🔥🎁This year we come with surprises 🎁🔥.  From the hand of @thaddaeus.dorsch.composer, composer of German nationality, we will have the privilege of doing the world premiere of his latest work entitled "Abend wird es wieder", translated as "Eventide falls again". We would like to take this opportunity to greet Thaddäus and thank him for trusting us. The drawing was created by his 16 year old daughter as a Christmas present.  Isn't it beautiful?
“Abend wird es wieder”, picture by Lucia Dorsch, 2021. For the title page of the female choir music score

Nicolas M. Regueiro, the leader and conductor of Bloesem Ensamble, told me that his girl’s vocal ensemble was founded just recently – in 2021. They describe themselves best:

Bloesem is a female vocal ensemble, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
One may wonder why a Dutch word is the name of the ensemble...  the reality is that the word was proposed by @paualexander and its meaning is "to bloom". Our director liked it not only because of its phonetics but also because of its multiple meanings.
- Youth 
- Nature 
- Life
- Colors 
- Smells 
After a few days, another of our choreographers surprises us with ideas for a possible logo, all of them excellent...  a few days later she comes to this conclusion. An ensemble that feeds back on the motivation of the group and of the individuals. A space to vibrate loud and to have a good time.
Bloesem Ensamble, women's vocal ensemble, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bloesem Ensamble, women’s vocal ensemble, Buenos Aires, Argentina

[ Instagram, Sept. 2021 ]

Despite the very short time together Bloesem Ensamble has formed already as an excellent women’s vocal ensemble with a great sound (trained by vocal trainer Maru Fedele). They present their first and beautiful performance videos on their Insta page, featuring songs from Eric Whitacre (A Seal Lullaby), Petar Liondev (Kafal Sviri) and Dante Andreo (Que viene el viento). Isn’t that a great first women’s choir repertoire list?

You will really be surprised by the girls’ powerful sound and the fine way of interpretation by their conductor Nicolas M. Regueiro! Best conditions for the world premiere in spring 2022!

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„Abend wird es wieder“, op. 29 for Children’s Choir

My new piece „Abend wird es wieder“ („It will be evening again“), opus 29, is ready now!
It is an evening song for children’s choir (SSSAA) or female choir. Watch the score and listen right now here.

"Abend wird es wieder"
“Abend wird es wieder”

This composition is dedicated to Johann Christian Rinck’s 250th birthday (1770- 1846). He created the melody of this old evening song in 1837.

This composition I wrote during the epidemic crisis in 2020. There is a certain parallelism to the time of creation of the lyrics. In 1837 the poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben suffered from a personal crisis, because he not only worked as a poet at that time, but also as professor and librarian in Breslau, Germany. He mentioned “Abend wird es wieder” in his in his memoirs as a text to console himself.

Ein Abendlied.

Geschrieben in einer Zeit der Krise.

Geschaffen zum Trost.

Zum 250. Geburtstag von Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck.

Melody: J. C. H. Rinck, 1827
Lyrics: A. H. Hoffmann von Fallersleben, 1837
Music: Thaddäus Dorsch, Opus 29, 2020
Duration: approx. 4 minutes

Trailer “The Moon has Risen”

Get an impression of the new version of “Der Mond ist aufgegangen” (“The moon has risen”) for children’s choir with the Trailer on YouTube (>>click here).
The world premiere of opus 28 on German Choir Festival Leipzig was postponed to 2022 or 2021 now. The piece was already well rehearsed by the wonderful Landsberg Children’s Choir (Landsberger Kinderchor) with her great director Marianne Lösch.
“Der Mond ist aufgegangen” is a modern version of the old German lullaby and evening song “The moon has risen”. The lyrics from 1779 by Matthias Claudius are one of the most popular in German literature. Same for the tune by J.A.P. Schulz, 1790.

Auf dem Deutschen Chorfest Leipzig geht der Mond auf

Der Mond ist aufgegangen, Opus 28 (Cover-Bild, Lucia Dorsch)

Vorfreude auf die Uraufführung! “Der Mond ist aufgegangen” (op. 28) für Kinderchor wird präsentiert auf dem Deutschen Chorfest in Leipzig. Der Landsberger Kinderchor hat dieses Werk in Auftrag gegeben und wird es singen. Die Vorfreude wird nun Dank der Verschiebung noch bis 2021 dauern. Vorfreude ist ja die schönste Freude, sagt man, die Spannung auf das Live-Erlebnis ist dadurch natürlich ungleich höher!

Im Rahmen des Chorwettbewerbs, Kategorie Kinderchor, treten der Landsberger Kinderchor unter Marianne Lösch damit auch für den Sonderpreis für die beste Uhraufführung eines Volkslieds (ausgelobt vom Carus-Verlag) an.

Ich finde das eine geniale Idee, mit solchen Sonderpreisen und Kategorien auch der ganz neuen Musik einen Platz zu geben!

Geplant war die Uraufführung in der Kongresshalle am Zoo Leipzig, Weißer Saal in der Wettbewerbs-Kategorie Kinderchöre am 2. Mai 2020. Das Deutsche Chorfest wird nun um ein Jahr auf 2021 verschoben.

Alle vier Jahre bietet der Deutsche Chorverband (DCV) mit dem Deutschen Chorfest über 500 Chören und Vokalensembles eine Bühne. Diesmal war es geplant in Leipzig, vom 30. April bis 3. Mai 2020. Näheres unter:
Deutsches ChorfestProgramm Konzert-Broschüre

Originaler Programm-Eintrag auf dem Chorwettbewerb des Deutschen Chorfests in Leipzig, nun verschoben auf 2021