Thaddäus Dorsch, Composer

Music is sacred, music is communication.
Music helps to follow the messages of Your soul.

” I am happy to welcome You here!
Isn’t it the greatest thing for every musician to create resonance inside people?
That’s how we move the world forward.

I see it as a mission to contribute to a better world.
For a long time I have worked as an engineer to help people in the technical world.
But every day, my soul called me and said: ‘This is not enough, Thad!’.
I recognized that music is the way to open up a completely new level of communications to humanity.
Music is a perfect way to inspire people following the messages of their own soul and thus make them contribute to a better universe.

Let us act together. We all can add wonderful colours, sounds and atmospheres to this world. We are able to make it a better place to live. We are able
to give hope and future to the people. And it is a lot of fun, also.

We can’t sit down and wait for a better world, the world is changing way too fast!

Imagine that everybody makes music, is creative and makes the universe bloom. I cannot imagine anything else than a happy world full of inner peace! “

Thaddäus Dorsch
Latest piece
“Abend wird es wieder” (It Will Be Evening Again)

for Children’s / Female Choir, SSAA

(Demo with Score)


World Premiere – Coming UP
“Der Mond ist aufgegangen” (The Moon Has Risen)

for Children’s Choir, SSAA.
Composed for the German Choir Festival 2020 in Leipzig.

(Video Trailer)