Thaddäus Dorsch, Composer

God is within You.
So follow the messages of Your soul.

” I am happy to welcome you here!
For us musicians and artists it is a dream to create resonance in the world and within people.
Imagine that all over the world, everyone makes music, is creative and makes the universe bloom. I cannot imagine anything else than a happy world full of inner peace!

As a composer I am limited to sketching little messages from heaven into black and white, with black notes on a white sheet of paper. We need other people who add the colours, sounds and atmospheres to make the world a better place to live in.

I am very happy if you accompany me in this process by staying in touch with me.
We can’t sit down and wait for a better world, the world is changing way too fast!

Music is a perfect way to inspire people following the messages of their soul and thus make them contribute to a better universe. “

Thaddäus Dorsch