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Digital Sheet Music

Abend wird es wieder (It will be evening again)

for Children's / Women's Choir SSAA, op. 29 (2020)

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“Abend wird es wieder” (It is evening again) tells of the search for stillness in a time of crisis. The German poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben (he is the author of the German national anthem) wrote these four little verses in 1837 during his heavy personal crisis to comfort himself. This piece is based on an old German folk tune.

Digital Sheet Music (PDF)

    • Full Score, 4 voices SSAA + Soprano Solo
    • Duration: approx. 4 minutes
    • Difficulty level: Good amateur choirs and professional choirs will be able to perform this song with a high quality sound experience fairly soon.
    • Well suited for Online Singing and Virtual Choirs!
    • 4 pages, in PDF-format, Din A4 portrait, B/W
    • Immediate download
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It will be evening again

by Hoffmann von Fallersleben,
(free translation)

It will be evening again
over woods and fields,
bringing peace,
and the world is at rest.

Only the stream flows
on that rock over there,
and it roars and flows,
flows restlessly.

And no evening brings him
peace or rest,
no bells ringing bring a
resting song to him.

As well my heart
You are the same in your quest.
Only God can give you
the true evening rest.

 Abend wird es wieder

Hoffmann von Fallersleben,

Abend wird es wieder.
Über Wald und Feld
säuselt Frieden nieder,
und es ruht die Welt.

Nur der Bach ergießet
sich am Felsen dort,
und er braust und fließet
immer, immer fort.

Und kein Abend bringet
Frieden ihm und Ruh´,
keine Glocke klinget
ihm ein Rastlied zu.

So in deinem Streben
bist, mein Herz, auch du:
Gott nur kann dir geben
wahre Abendruh´.

Thaddäus Dorsch

is a classical contemporary composer, born 1966 in Munich, Germany. His style moves in between post-minimalism, ancient church music and the current new Nordic style. He is pursuing the grand vision of inspiring people to experience new classical music and thus making the world a better place to live. The focus of his work is sacred music with a deep message, which is reflected in numerous works for choirs and vocal ensembles. Yet there are also works for chamber music, orchestra, theatre and film. 
Thaddäus Dorsch gained broad musical experience as a violin and viola player, baritone and conductor. Through collaboration with composers and conductors Karl Zepnik (Germany), Martin Ellerby (GB), Ferrer Ferran (Spain) and Stephen Melillo (USA), he further developed his compositional work. 
Thaddäus Dorsch has twice been awarded the Cultural Promotion Prize of the City of Landsberg am Lech. He has been commissioned with several choral works for the German Youth Chamber Choir, for the German Choir Festival and for various choir competitions.

Thaddäus Dorsch, Composer

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