Thaddäus Dorsch is a contemporary classical composer, born 1966 in Munich, Germany. His style moves in between post-minimalism, archaic church music and the current new Nordic style. He is pursuing the grand vision of music being essential for the human race.
The focus of his work is sacred music carrying a deep message. This is reflected in numerous works for choirs and vocal ensembles, complemented by works for chamber music, orchestra, theater, and film.

Thaddäus Dorsch lives in Landsberg am Lech, a small historic town in Bavaria near the German Alps and near to Munich. He started his music studies in various instruments, singing and composition at the Music School Landsberg. He gained musical experience as a violin and viola player, baritone singer and conductor. Through collaboration and workshops with composers and conductors like Eric Whitacre and Stephen Melillo (USA), Karl Zepnik (Germany), Martin Ellerby (GB) and Ferrer Ferran (Spain), he continuously develops his compositional work. 

Thaddäus Dorsch has twice been awarded the Cultural Promotion Prize of the City of Landsberg am Lech. He has been commissioned with choral works for the German Youth Chamber Choir, for the German Choir Festival and several choir competitions.

Curriculum Vitae


Born in Munich, Germany, Mozart Street, 16.

1975 – 1990

Musical education in different instruments, singing, choir, conducting and music theory at the Music School Landsberg.


First compositions for chamber ensemble.

1990 -1995

Co-founder of the 7-men a-cappella ensemble “Landsberger Heulbojen”, national performances and concerts. Arrangements for male vocal ensemble.

1987 – 1995

Autodidactic studies of composition.


Cultural Promotion Prize of the city of Landsberg am Lech, as a member of the Vocalensemble Landsberg.

1996 – 2005

Compositions for choir, international performances by the Vocalensemble Landsberg.


With the “Psalm 19” (op. 8) as a part of the competition program the Vocalensemble Landsberg wins the international Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Choir Competition in Dautphetal, Germany. “Psalm 19” receives the highest score.


Cultural Promotion Prize of the city of Landsberg am Lech for composition.

2000 – 2004

Artistic director of the biennial festival “Lichternacht” Landsberg,


Commissioned for “Moon” (op. 15) for the German Youth Chamber Choir for the Days of New Choral Music, Würzburg (Tage neuer Chormusik Würzburg).


Commissioned for “Heaven” (op. 18) for the German Youth Chamber Choir. Premiere at the German Choir Festival Berlin 2003.


Music for the modern mystery theatre “Die Narrheit Gottes” (“The Folly of God”), op. 19. Commissioned for the 100th anniversary of the monastery church of the Benedictine Archabbey of St. Ottilien.


Music for the film “Hinter meinem Schatten” by Michael Lauterbach, together with Michael Lauterbach.


Commissioned for “Ora et Labora”, a traditional march for the 50th anniversary of the St. Ottilien School Wind Orchestra. Published on CD.


Commissioned for “Lechklang” (op. 23) for the guitar ensemble “Capotaster” (for 6 acoustic guitars).


World premiere of “Inkontinent” for 3 female voices SSA. Performances by “Trinitá”.


World premiere “Verleih uns Frieden” for 3 choirs (op. 13), by the choir of the parish church Landsberg am Lech. Director: Marianne Lösch.


Commissioned for a composition about the German folk song “The moon has risen”, by the Landsberg Children’s Choir. Its world premiere is performed at the German Choir Festival in Leipzig 2022, as a part of the choir competition for the category “Best world premiere of a folk song”, presented by the Landsberg Children’s Choir, Director: Marianne Lösch.


“Wasser” (Water), a sacred piece for mixed choir and children’s choir, premiered by joined choirs of Thaddäus Dorsch’s home town Landsberg am Lech.

Member of:

DKV – German Composer Association – Deutscher Komponist:innenverband

GEMA – Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights – Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte